Natalie Kuo
softball & vegan/ belief v.s. hobby
Do you know what softball is? most people i met only knew baseball and never heard about softball :P
i've played softball in Beijing and Hong Kong for about 5 years. i really love it. i'm practising pitching now. i really want to know someone who's also in love with softball, and maybe we can learn this sports and exchange language at the same time. (learning French & want to practice my English)
i'm also a vegan. so, so annoyed that most equitments are animal product. want to no if there's any chance i can find a vegan softball shop.
i also want to know your opinion about vegan. if you are a vegan/ vegi yourself, could you tell me your experience on balancing your belief and hobby

Jun 23, 2020 4:00 PM
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Hi Natalie I heared about Softball but to be honest I don´t know how the sport is played. On your vegan query , I see veganism as the future, as something that in a near future we will all embrace.

I admire vegan people , one day I´ll be able to do it myself... I´m getting there anyway .

Best of luck finding your language partner.
June 23, 2020
Natalie Kuo
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