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Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Trust and honesty are two pillars of any relationship and trust come with honesty. Without these two pillars, none of thr relationship is going to last longer. Many people think that we should be always honest in a relationship. However, it depends on the sitution and also we need to sugar coat the truth so that it cannot hurt someone's feeling or sentiments.
Foremost, no one can deny the fact that we should always speak according the circumstances and some hrash truth can hurt someone's emotions. we have noticed in our family itself that, while making us understand sometime, they sugar coat the words or hide how they are exactly feeling. If they start to speak in straight forward way then it may break our confidence. for example, during the placement in my final year of graduation, I was rejected by Google and Amazon. When my family member heard this, even after knowing that I was rejected by world top software comapnies,and said "you will get something better and which is meant for you". 
Manupulating words is not only important in family, it is equally important at our workplace. As a manager or Lead, he/she cannot direcly say to his/her team that you guys are not capable of this work and I am replacing you all. Manager will definitely play with the words. Here I will take myself as a example, I am a Teachnology Analyst in an IT company. Once I noticed that one of my junior is not doing good in one domain so I sugar coated my words and said, I have noticed you are good in software testing so I am planning to move you in testing domain.
As we say,"Words can make you or words can break you". If a critically ill person asks you "Is I am going to die ? ", we cancot directly tell him/her that yeah, you are going to die. we will definetly play with the words and say, doctors are working hard to cure you and you will be well very soon. Even a friend wear a new dress and ask how I am looking ? we cannot say that you are loooking ugly. We will sugar coat our words and reply, "it's pretty but the dress you purchased last time was more pritter.
There is no doubt that honesty is very important in any relation but speaking a harsh truth is like cutting a heart into two pieces with a knife. So if the truth is harsh, we should try to sugar coat our words. It will not only support the person emotionally but also boast his/her confidence.
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