Knowledge exchange: English lessons (Native) for programming lessons (Python).
Hi everyone. My name is <em>Slava</em>, i'm from <em>Belarus</em>. I'm 20 years old.

<em>Main purpose of that topic</em>:

I want to find a native English speaker with whom i will exchange my programming knowledge (Python Programming language). It would be great if you had an American accent, but it doesn't really matter. Currently i am B2, just feel myself on that level. I've never passed any tests, but i think i'm somewhere near between B1-B2. I am a good listener and i think that my listening skills are great for my level, i understand literally everything, but sometimes it's hard to give a good response because of lack of the vocabulary.

<em>What knowledge i wanna share with you:</em>

Web-development, programming using Python language (some people say, that Python is great for beginners), also Python is in top-3 world programming languages. I will explain everything in English :) I'd like to have a lesson 1 time per week (i share knowledge) and the next week it's an English lesson.

<em>What knowledge i expect to get from you:</em>

I expect from you to correct my spelling, pronunciation and grammar. I prefer conversational lessons, so it woudn't be hard to a native speaker. Currently i have a bit of Russian accent, but my goal is to get rid of that.
I would like to talk to you about everything, because i like to absorb new information and speak with different people. Every topic: politics, travel, sport, etc.

<em>What i do for a living:</em>

I work as a web software developer about 2+ years and i have a bachelor's degree in Information Technology and Computer Science. If you want to study programming and web development (from scratch, or you're already a coder and want to learn Python, or you're Data Scientist, etc, many reasons) feel free to contact me.

<em>What you do for a living:</em>

I don't care. Absolutely. As far as you're a good student and want to learn programming and a good English teacher (just native would be perfect).

<em>How to connect with me:</em>

You can write me right here on iTalki. After that we will discuss what software to use to communicate with each other as well as details. Have a good day, everyone. Stay safe!
Jun 25, 2020 10:02 AM
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you got apps?

if yes, hit me
June 25, 2020
Hey! I teach English, am American, and am interested in learning Python. You can e-mail me or PM me. This could be a great exchange!
June 25, 2020
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