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Other pet peeves
We've all been whingeing about tea bags. What other pet peeves do you have?
What happened to the cream on top of the milk?
Jun 26, 2020 9:38 AM
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'Self service' of any sort, especially in local cafes where you order food and you get given about six sachets of sugar, salt, sauces,condiments to add to you order 'YOUR SELF' by which time you are covered in sauce/sauces you have to request a tissue which may not have been provide and the food is cold, when the food should be hot on a cold day in England. Not getting cold while you spend five or ten minutes struggling with sachets. Alas I think this practice will become more popular now. But it is more hygienic than having bottles of ketchup that is years or months old on the table with a dirty crust of old sauce/ketchup around the top of the bottle; you can just put a set amount of sauce into a container for each meal. The customer can request more if there isn't enough for their liking. And then sometimes there is a little container on the counter for service 'tips' when none has been provided.

I am aware America has a different restaurant and wage earning culture but there apparently you get 'service' that is worth a tip, or so I have heard.
June 26, 2020
Cat got the cream, I guess. Don't they always? As for me, I get irked whenever I see sloppy writing so I've developed strong internal filters to ignore anything that looks even potentially to be so.
June 26, 2020
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