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Do you know that we have most of Arabic words which are similar sound with other languages? 👌

For Example:

<ol><li>"قَهْوَة" in Arabic 😄 =</li><li>"Coffee" in English =</li><li>"café" in Spanish =</li><li>"קפה" in Hebrew =</li><li>"Kahve" in Turkish =</li><li>"кофе" in Russian and Kyrgyz =</li></ol>
If this word is the similar your language please tell me which language look like>>>

If you know other Arabic words like your language, Please 🙌 , give me some of them 💯

Jun 26, 2020 8:11 PM
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Elena: Many but not all Spanish words that start with “al” are originally Arabic. “Almuerzo” is not Arabic. It came from Latin, but “al” was added due to the influence of Arabic.

Imen: وسادة and مخدة are both correct in standard Arabic. مخدة is derived from خد (cheek) and specifically denotes a pillow that you sleep on (i.e. that you rest your cheek on).

To respond to the OP: Many words that relate to agriculture are either derived from Arabic or arrived to the West from other languages via Arabic. The reason is that Arabs revolutionized the agricultural industry and played a significant role in the development of mass cultivation, including coffee (qahwa), sugar (sukkar), lemon (laymoon), and orange (this word is derived from “naaranj”, which in Arabic refers to a bitter orange that used to be common and the Arabs introduced to the West through Andalusia. In English, this type of orange is called “Seville orange”, after the city in Andalusia).
June 27, 2020
Arabic " الكحول"
English "alcohol"
French " alcool"
Spanish "alcohol" ...etc
This word is originally descended from the Arabic language.
June 26, 2020
I know that algebra has an Arabic origin and also all Spanish words starting with ''al'' such as ''almohada'' (pillow)
almuerzo (lunch) alhambra (the famous palace in Granada), ''aceite'' (olive oil) ''Bahía'' as the palace in Morocco and the state in Brazil. Correct me if I'm wrong but ''al'' is your article in arabic, right?
June 26, 2020
Hebrew language shares more than 70% of Arabic word roots, Alsomost the same ...
I've studied Hebrew in my faculty too ..

Thank you Amira for interacting with my post. ..
June 29, 2020
these are just some examples :

שלום עליכם - السلم عليكم

שלום - سلام

אתה - انت

תלמיד - طالب

אני כותב - انا أكتب

I think the list with words and sentences in Hebrew similar to Arabic could be really long.
June 29, 2020
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