How can I help myself?
How can I help myself? You start learning a foreign language, you are full of enthusiasm, your intentions are strong, your goal is clear. Time goes by, you are accompanied by regular work perseverance and the first results begin to appear. Nothing inspires you more than your own achievements. Suddenly it turns out that the learning of the language is not in a straight line directed up and undulating and suddenly you suddenly find yourself at the bottom. How to force yourself to continue when you have a motivation crisis. What could I do for myself in this situation?
Jun 28, 2020 4:09 AM
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Hey Polina!
Here's my suggestion: what you're most likely experiencing right now is a 'plateau'. When you first start learning a language, you have rapid growth, and your brain gets used to a certain level of progress, and therefore you stay motivated because you feel rewarded by your progress and achievements. When you plateau, it seems like you're not learning as much, or as quickly, as you once were. This is totally normal and it's actually a good thing. Every language learner hits this feeling at some point. Take pride in the fact that you MADE it to the plateau phase. Sometimes it lasts a while, but what you need to do is find new things that feel rewarding. When you started learning the language, you probably felt rewarded every time you remembered something correctly, or were able to use a new type of phrase or piece of grammar in your conversation. What I do is seek that feeling of reward for simply putting in the time each day. Even if I feel like the hour or three hours I spent studying had little effect, I still put in the time, and that means I'm getting closer to being fluent and proficient. There is no finish line when you're learning a language, so lean into the things that challenge you the most. Having a hard time remembering a certain vocab word? That's great! You've identified a difficulty. Now focus your efforts on that word, words related to it, and words that mean the opposite of it. Whatever the rewards look like to you, just know that with or without motivation, if you keep putting in the time, you WILL see results. It's like magic. The last thing I would suggest is keep some sort of record of your progress. Maybe try recording yourself speaking the new language, then go back and listen to it a few months from now. See how much better you are? There's your reward right there. Sorry I know this is a long post, but I believe in you! Put in the time, and let the motivation come and go. You'll thank yourself down the road. :D
June 28, 2020
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