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Filipina Actress Faking the British Accent in an Old LGBT Musical Superhero Movie
It's interesting how actors and actresses fake their accents as required in their roles. Some Filipinos are bilingual or trilingual as there are two official languages in our country: English & Filipino (Tagalog).

However, the locals have adopted American English as the Philippines was a former colony of the USA for around 50 years. That's why it is surprising when we hear a local actor trying the British accent.

If interested, you can watch the video here:

NOTE: There might be sensitive content included in first clip. I changed the link into a safer clip with the same rendition of the British accent by the actress.

The actress playing the villain switches from Tagalog to English and vice versa while the protagonist superhero (a trans) speaks and sings in full Tagalog (with some borrowed Spanish words). This is an old and a low-budget movie, so please don't mind the special effects.
Jun 28, 2020 7:23 AM
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Not too bad, she started of with the American coming through and then she settled down and it was pretty good and got better. I did not finish the video.
But there are 13 year olds allowed to use italki, maybe some parents won't like their thirteen year olds watching the film with some of the references used in it. !!!
June 28, 2020
Thanks, John! I have found a better and safer clip from the same movie. I changed the link with that one.
June 28, 2020
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