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Do you believe that we are created accidentally or is there somebody who created us. Hehe since this is a Religious Topic might as well ask this Question. ^___^
Jul 7, 2008 11:09 AM
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I've heard about the "scientific facts" in the Quran and they're rubbish at best. The fact that muslims consider their book science is really worrying and scary. What happens when people stop thinking? You can see the result in the muslim world where women are oppressed, people stoned to death and people with differen thoughts prosecuted.
December 3, 2010
Hey blüte why dont u do us a favour and cite some of those scientific facts u claim that ur book has mentioned before they were discovered? If it isnt all bull u might even convince a few of us.
November 29, 2010
And then finally marriage with 9-year olds at the time where Mohammed was exist they were non believers n they hated him and objected on everything he said but why didn't they disagree on that marriage cuz that had to do with culture then it was normal for a young girl to get married but the time is different now and everything has changed in Saudi Arabia which is a 100% Muslim country marriage is allowed only from 17+ and the one who goes against that law will get be punished … so Islam changes according to the environment and time you're in so we're not stupid and just follow what it is … and the things I said I have to accept like not drinking and some no big deal things
November 28, 2010
but what you're seeing is cuz of the stupid men we have here it has nothing to do with Islam so plz don't connect everything bad you see with Islam .. the second thing which is marriage with multiple women as women here we don't accept and we look down on the man who does it unless if his wife accept it then he can do it but I don't think any women would accept it … do we get a sin cuz we're objecting on that ? no who said that ? God said it and that sth has to do with the men here they don't even tell us that they're going to get married as for me if that happened .. well the guy had no idea what would to happen to him I'm not afraid and not weak and it's my right to say no
November 28, 2010
Mohammed told us for the hundred times that he's not the one to be worshiped he's an ordinary person but God gave him a miracle ( which is The Holy Quran ) for people to believe what he said .. Jesus peace be upon him had miracles also like every prophet was sent by God over the past centuries … Mohammad knew Quran by heart like I said it was a miracle who wrote it ? every time sth'd revealed by God Mohammed told al-kholafa' al-rashedeen ( the first people who believed in Islam ) to write down what he'd been told since like you said he can't write but you just know half of the information …. About the things you've mentioned below your post …only by hearing' the stoning' thing but some of the girls living at the time of prophet Mohammad got away with it who helped them with that ? the prophet Mohammed him self did God got mad on him ? no why ? cuz FORGIVNESS in Islam is so important much more that anything else and in Quran if you read it u'll notice that it goes in the way of mentioning the sin , the punishment , then GOD IS Forgiving
November 28, 2010
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