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hello!!! my name is alon and i'm from israel i want to learn spanish , i think it's a great language  . i'll be happy if someone will teach me a basic words .

thanks everybody and have a good week!!!
Jul 7, 2008 11:49 AM
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Hi, Alon. I am neither Spanish nor speaking Spanish well:-). Just appreciate your eagerness to learn Espanol. If consultation for beginners needed - wellcome. Salam
October 9, 2008
 Hola Alon, mi nombre es Rafael, soy español estudiante de hebreo. He estado varias veces en Israel. Nos ayudamos en ambos idiomas? Tienes Skype o Messenger? De todas formas mi correo es Saludos
Alon Hi, my name is Rafael, I am a spanish student at hebrew. I've been several times in Israel. We help in both languages? Do you have Skype or Messenger? Anyway my email is Greetings.

שלום אלון, השם שלי הוא רפאייל, אני ספרדי ללמוד של עברית. הייתי כמה מתזמן בישראל. האם אנחנו עוזרים לעצמנו בשני השפות? האם יש לך סקייפ או שליח? בכל דרכים דואר שלי
September 19, 2008
hello carlos!!  yes i want to learn spanish!!  how can you teach me?? do you need my messenger?? thank you!!
August 7, 2008
Hello Alon, i am from Venezuela and I can teach you some basics of spanish if you want to learn.
July 19, 2008
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