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what do you like the most: to recieve presents or to give them to others?

When you have a birthday you always get some presents, because it's YOUR birthday , but sometimes you are invited to other's one and have to think what to buy.. so what do you prefer to do?

2008년 7월 7일 오후 12:11
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someone teaches englis to msn
2008년 7월 14일
GIVE.... presents
cuz the best way " in my opinion" to fill ur bocket of joy is to fill another`s...
2008년 7월 13일
well, l like to receive presents more. but i believe that giving is important and happy.
2008년 7월 13일
i like to give them to others because No matter what you give ,giving is as receive but without being seen
Like when we forgive those we love
The important thing is to be believed without being seen
The important thing is always to be in love
The important thing is to give, and not asking anything because it is receiving without giving them see, and in the end everyone is happy    
2008년 7월 12일

i like to recieve presents, especially unexpected pleasantly surprised,
in fact, i think u are very happy no matter is recieve or give other present. 
when you recieve presents, ur happy is come from the present and that person who take care u.
when you give present to others, ur happy is come from reciever's happiness.
in a word, these two kinds of people are happy.

2008년 7월 10일
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