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Risk it/Run the risk/take my chances I heard a sencence that goes like this "I don't wanna risk it" means run the risk or take my chances. Can someone help me out explaing the differences and the meaning of "risk it" "run the risk" and "take my chances" and can you give me an example of each one to understand better the meaning and the context.

Jul 8, 2008 1:47 AM
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hi, well I will try to help you...
I think when you say "I don't wanna risk it" it means like you don't want to loose something, you don't want to put it in risk.... like if you say "I don't want to loose my money in that game" or you can say  "I don't want to risk it in that game".....
"run the risk" and "take my chances" have almost the same meaning, por example you can say "I could loose everything in the game, but I'll run the risk"..... another example "I don't know if that job is dangerous, but I'll take my chances".... 

well, I don't know if I explain it well, but hope this can help you Konohamaru....
July 9, 2008
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