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The negative form of le sentences: According the examples below, can you get how to address a negative form of le sentence?
Jun 7, 2008 2:50 AM
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Since le comes after a predicate to show the action is finished or the situation changed. Its negative form should use mei and in the negative form le has to be omitted.
June 18, 2008
Q:Nǐ chī le zǎofàn mɑ? Q:你 吃 了早 饭 吗? Have you had your breakfast? A:Méichī。 A:没 吃 。 No. (Haven’t eaten) Q:Nǐ chī zǎofàn mɑ? Q:你 吃 早 饭 吗? Do you have your breakfast? A:Wǒ bù chī zǎofàn。Wǒ měitiān zǎoshɑnɡ zhǐ hē kāfēi。 A:我 不 吃 早 饭 。我 每 天 早 上 只 喝 咖啡 。 I don’t have breakfast. I only drink coffee every morning. Q:Tā shòu le mɑ? Q:她 瘦 了吗? Has she lost her weight? A:Méishòu。 A:没 瘦 。 No. Q:Tā shòu mɑ? Q:她 瘦 吗? Is she thin? A:Búshòu。 A:不瘦 。 No. (She is not thin.)
June 7, 2008
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