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When is a Discussion becomes a debate? To Avoid any flames in this Group can you site an example to what are the common causes of a Debate or misunderstanding Discussion..
Well i f you think that Debate then don't Comment hehe just make a topic of your own ^__^
Jul 8, 2008 7:57 AM
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2 and 3 are basically the same.
And I would rephrase 4: "You are not honest about your intentions and instead of discussing things you only want to prove that you are right."

Furthermore I'd like to add that "copy-pasting" info or dumping links is not a discussion. If you post a link you have to give your take on it. Explain why it is that you feel that this particular link is correct. Besides, in discussion it's vital that you read all of the arguments of the other person. It doesn't work when you just let the other person talk, but you don't listen to him. That's also why copy-pasting should be omitted as much as possible, as well as link dumping. We're here to discuss with eachother, not to let several sites argue with eachother indirectly.
July 8, 2008
i think the problem in this group will be arguments vs discussions
in my opinion

it's an argument when
1-u r not reasonable
2-u don't have an open mind
3-u didn't give yourself at least 1% that maybe u r wrong
4-u r not honest and u just want to prove that u r right
4-u don't know what u r talking about
it's a discussion when ..... mmmmmm well u know when; use ur mind
July 8, 2008
thinks for the definition Harregarre.
July 8, 2008
A debate isn't a bad thing. A flamewar on the other hand is. Discussions and debates are basically the same, the only thing is that debates are usually organized more strictly. You can have a discussion in the middle of the street, but not a debate. For debates you have a set list of questions/problems, each person has a certain amount of time to gather information and when you talk you only have 1 minute every time. It is also prohibited to interrupt other people and speak before your turn.

A flamewar is when people stop using evidence/solid arguments and just shout at eachother. Usually it ends in personal insults or even a fight.
July 8, 2008
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