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simple texts in turkish Hi, could somebody please help me find a bunch of texts in turkish, but with simple sentences. like texts for small children, for example 2nd, 3rd grade.

im going well with grammar and id like to try reading on my own now with a sozluk.

... any takers? :)

tesekkur ederim! :)
Jul 8, 2008 2:01 PM
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hi friends deactivated my account so i cant type more:(
but you can contact with me on msn:
July 9, 2008
Math teacher asked Deniz (i think this must be a name) a question, an example:
what is two pieces of cheese, three pieces of tomato and five pieces of cucumber equal to?
student gave answer: it is equal to a sandvich my teacher.

there is a little freedom in my translation, but i think i got it. i couldnt find 'yapar'??


i cant understand almost anything here, help??
July 9, 2008

Öğretmen matemetik dersinde Deniz'e sorar.

Öğretmen matemetik dersinde Deniz'e sorar. -İki liralık peynir,üç liralık domates ve 
beş liralık salatalık ne yapar? 
Öğrenci cevap verir:
 -Sandviç yapar öğretmenim.

Nasrettin Hoca eşeğe neden ters biner?


July 8, 2008
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