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What do you find the most difficult to learn in french? Qu'est ce que vous trouvez le plus difficile à apprendre en Français?

Wich part is the most difficult for you?
Quelle est la partie la plus difficile pour vous?
Jul 8, 2008 4:33 PM
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parler Avec ceque tu ai etudie。
October 4, 2008
le subjonctif!! c'est trop difficile!
September 5, 2008
oh,that's a question~ there are a lot i can not get ,for example,what time to use la ,des,de,le...something like this,it is like english "of"?? and french language is really funny~ male and female things are so difficult to remember..
oh,my God
August 9, 2008
je pense que le plus difficuile que grammair est conjugation.
July 25, 2008
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