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[Religion] Conversion (or Dawah in Islam) What do you think about this?
Jul 8, 2008 6:46 PM
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here in the Netherlands we had a specific christian group called "Jehovas". They roam around and knock on your door. When you open the door, they put their foot in the doorway so you can't close the door anymore. Then they start to preach and how you should accept their faith.


NO! We always give people a choice!

Like you said, we can not force you... but we believe we must do this work!

No matter what others think.


Tel me, if you discovered the cure for all cancers, would you keep it to yourself, or would you try and let everyone know. We have something better to proclaim. It's up to you if you want to ignore it or accept it. YOUR CHOICE!

September 3, 2012
we have a proverb says" when you speak from your heart it`s shall enter in people hearts.."
and we Muslims should learn from Prophet Mohammed on how to spread the word of faith
it`s not matter that you speak a lot or learn a lot but it`s matter that you have a soft heart and kind sprite which makes people listen to you......

February 4, 2011
 there are very huge different between Dawah and Mission
first Muslim suppose to invite people,  not to convince or convert them
well some Muslim try to convince people to come to Islam because they feel that it`s good for them
but that is not Islamic because we Muslims believe that guidance is due to God not due to what I/You/he/She  said
my duty as Muslim is to remind people about God to tell about Him and His Glory
for me when I invite someone to Islam I put in my intention:
- am speaking for Allah sake so it`s not matter of personal wining
- media ,politics may effect this person opinion therefore I should not feel bad toward him/her even if he/she give my religion and me names.
February 4, 2011

A word of advice bro, if you wanna get your point across, try speaking with some sense. Being able to read the quran or assemble an IED doesn't help at all.
December 23, 2010
just to let u know piggy in prophet muhammed era islam was just in two cities Mekka and Medina u can ask a map for the islamic world 2010 u are afraid baby it is soon in UR heart just wait ciao 
December 23, 2010
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