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How to improve my oral English to a higher level?

I feel frustrated with my oral English, most of the time I can understand what people say and I can communicate with them in a basic way. I've been learning a lot of phrases, but I always forget to apply them into my conversation. When I see them, I know their meanings, when I try to express what I want to say, I totally forget them....

Jul 9, 2008 3:24 AM
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Thanks for your comments, guys... I always feel there is a knot i  my tongue when i speak English, and I can't apply the phrases I know into speaking... I'm not sure whether u also have this problem too. Now I'm just trying to find out a effective way to practice.
July 10, 2008
hope to chat with u on phone 
and  u will be crazy first..^____________^
July 10, 2008
Hello Lee, I have the same trouble... sometimes when I analyze a conversation that I have just had... I feel like pretty bad... because I could have use some better words to express myself...
I guess we have to practice a lot... ( well in my case) because at first... babies didn't structuralize complex sentences... they started very we are:P.... but practice..practice..practice... talk to yourself... a lot... a lot... as if u were crazy:P

I hope it works
July 9, 2008
if you want to improve your oral english,best method is make a phone call to me every day.right????
July 9, 2008
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