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i whant to lerne chines pleas i whant to learn  chines hwo can tetche me  plaes
10 يوليو 2008 16:14
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  I think I can help you  learn Chinese  ,and I want you can teach me English.

13 يوليو 2008

I think I can help

13 يوليو 2008

Sure. But I think you need to learn English too. Hope you wont get offended, I will correct your question.

You said~i whant to lerne chines pleas

Correct~I want to learn Chinese, please.

You said~i whant to learn chines hwo can tetche me plaes

Correct~I want to learn Chinese but how? Can you teach me or Anybody can teach me please?




11 يوليو 2008
I can help you to learn Chinese.You must study Chinese from Pinyin pronunciation.
11 يوليو 2008
ok,so what do you think is the first step to learn it?
11 يوليو 2008
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