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love what should i do to forget my girlfriend
Jul 11, 2008 4:05 PM
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It's a hard situation.U know?It'll take u a period of time but don't worry a lot. U can find a solution.Just try not to think about her at all and fill up ypur time with other things can help u to forget her.learn how to move on on your life without thinking about the old things and crying about the sad events.Yeah memories will stay for a period of time with u but try to cover them and lock the door behind them.Just let them living in darkness. Good luck man!
August 4, 2008
memories will last for aperiod of time
if you love some one deeply
yes you can work more and more
but you cant start new relation with another one
and your heart still bleeding
when you become better,u feel that you can start new story 
you can know another one
take your time
you will forget
July 15, 2008
well , i agree with Wise-Dumbo
fill up ur time with meaningful things " working, reading, walking, ..... etc." .... things u love it
July 12, 2008
know another one ; or fill up ur time with work work and work, that will be better than anything else
July 11, 2008
July 11, 2008
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