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When do we have to stop ? if u were in a middle of discussion/debate/argument; when do u think u have to stop ?
Jul 12, 2008 8:02 AM
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August 2, 2008
I never stop. There's always something to discuss. When someone agrees with me too quickly, that's when I switch sides and find things that support the other point of view. It's useless to discuss something when not all arguments are used. It's not even necessary for the other person to change his mind. Believing that you have to achieve something like that is bad. We're all narrow-minded in our own simplistic way, the only thing you can do is keep discussing things to find out how many different views there are. It doesn't matter how tough you make the debate. Even just shouting insults at eachother is often eye-opening. In the heat of the discussion stupid things may be shouted, but sometimes very true things as well.
August 2, 2008
i stop when :
  - i feel like we are in a deafs discussion
 - the other side hasn't enough courage to change his mind => NOT FAIR =>  Narrow-Minded
 - when he starts to insultes me, at this point i know that i could give strong arguments but his Ego is blinding him.
August 2, 2008
I never stop in any discussion.The reason for that is just coz I'm hardheaded and never change my mind if i'm really right. But sometimes when I feel that it'll be a real desaster,I push the other side to end it.
August 2, 2008

When a discussion have to end?. NEVER!. Because when everyone agrees it's very bored!
Moreover, I think that don't exits that thing called "have reason", so who have the right in a discussion?. No one and everyone.

July 16, 2008
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