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If you're a Polish-learner...why do you want to learn Polish? If you're a Polish-learner...why do you want to learn Polish?
Apr 26, 2008 4:41 AM
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Hi everybody!

Any problems with Polish? Ask me!
I am native polish teacher from Poland!
Sound good? Maybe you should try! 
I expect questions and letters in Polish.
Does not matter how much mistakes will be inside ;-) 
Practise makes perfect!
(that is why I try to write in English everyday). 

April 7, 2010
Hello Everyone!
I'm learning Polish because it's nice language
and it's a little bit similar to Russian and Ukrainian,
I hope it's not going to be really difficult to learn it for me ;)
January 16, 2010
i learn polish for 3 or 4 years, but at last time i haven't anybody to speak with... so i'll be very glad to meet you:)
January 7, 2010

Siemka! :)
I really want to learn polish..
Bo I Love WrocLOVE..:)
I love poland.
I have stayed in wroclaw for 4.5 months.
evrey day was excellent.
Na Razie:)

January 3, 2010
I've always wanted to be able to speak another language well. As I worked in Poland several years ago and picked up a bit of Polish then, it makes more sense to try to improve my Polish than to start a new language from scratch.
December 26, 2009
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