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[Politics] Iran regardless of the reasons that caused the current crisis between Iran, U.S.A & Israel; What is your predictable scenario (How will they  react) ?
Jul 15, 2008 5:51 AM
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The "ex-KGB" guy just got replaced by Medvedev.  An Georgia isn't really proof anyway because those border areas have always been problematic in a way. Arab countries are a totally different thing, I think.
August 19, 2008
but it won't stay just like this  ***
August 18, 2008
Yeah i know , i told u that russia may not interfer , but i won't stay just like this . Especially , with the return of the Ex KGB guys   and what's goin' in georgia is a proof .
August 18, 2008
ilktiv, think again. Do you think Russia will allow Iran to have nuclear weapons? FYI, Iran is way closer to Russia so they will definitely want to keep them down. Did Russia do anything about Afghanistan? Iraq? They're not gonna do anything at all. Perhaps they'll even help.
August 18, 2008
well , we must distinguish between Iran and Qaeda , they are also enemies . But the issue of 2 weeks is in dreams . U've seen what Taliban a bench of guerrila warriors Did !! Iran is much more powerful , and don't forget the Russian support even if it's tiny But Russian can use it  to blackmail US in the Kukaz .
August 18, 2008
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