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Rahman Abbas
What is the importance of Nazzar Qubani in Arabic poetry??? I have read his translations in English and find him interesting, those how read in Arabic what is their opinion?
Jul 16, 2008 1:41 PM
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U can send me in Arabic the songs KAZEEM Al SAHER sung. I like him. I  have his one album. .... Ol Hub ou Al Matar .    
July 21, 2008
thank you first as you add your self with us sir
thanks again for you question
iam nehad kotp and i help alot of people to learn english and iam so happy for doing that
and in my opinion and as i know Nazzar Qubani was sooo important person as he add alot to the Arabic POETRY and he write alot of peo and also he was so useful for our lovely and famous artist KAZEM EL SAHER 
AS HE WROTE alot songs for him   EXAMPLE   HAFIAT EL KADMIN 
he was such awealthy sir          for us and i can help you more to know more about him and also i can send to you some songs which he wrote it
he wrote on romantic alot
no one was like him and no one wll be like him sir      BY NONA OR NEHAD KOTP
July 17, 2008
Rahman Abbas
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