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WoW Two Greek ladies, one Palestinian and one Turkish guys...

It's a great union!! Can we hold the world by force now????? Georgia you'll be a queen finally :)))
Jul 16, 2008 8:33 PM
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Ok sweety you are right but we must get to know each other
 I hope to see you on yahoo soon   

July 22, 2008
My sweet friend Melissa....
even if we don't know each other...this is a fantastic way to do it, don't you think???

Hope to hear from you soon!!!
I am sending you my love!!
July 21, 2008

Hi Crazy friendship are u really friends i think u don't know each other?

July 21, 2008

Of course one barbarian is enough for this group...otherwise (if one more appears) we will have to destroy the group!!
Isn't that a pity? We just made it..let us enjoy it!!!
July 21, 2008

One barbarian is enough for this group.. and its me :))))

July 19, 2008
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