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wow so when i first started learning this language i was 15....  i am now 17.  in the beginning i was not serious about learning it and now i am.  my name is jasmine and i love korean because of a boy.  he was a foreign exchange student  here in the us when i was 15 and i thought he was so cute.  hahaa not like 비 the singer cute but cute like nerdy.  ^_^  please lets be formal and introduce ourselves.  i would love to get to know everyone.          감사함니다. 


17 ก.ค. 2008 เวลา 1:35
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Hai..I'm Hanie...I am interested in learning korean because I wish someday i can go there.Perhap live there,but i know it just a dream,it can be true.In Malaysia right now have many korean people that came to work and live here.So i wish i can friend with them and talk using they language.Watch film,eat and do everthing together with them.
I Love hear korean song because it make me fell relax and cool.My favourute korean song is much of it sing by Rain(bi),,song in full house (I think i love you,Geh Deh Ji Geum)

I love to hear all korean song...
22 กรกฎาคม 2008
 Hello ! Im Rhianne..  $& $& $&This site just popped on me.  I am interested in learning Korean because I like the melody of korean songs, then Spanish because I'll be talking to someone who is a Spanish here soon in our country from Rome, Chinese( Mandarin) because I just got interested to it and they say I look like a Chinese. Lastly Japanese because I started learning it when I was 13 but then I stopped so I wanted to continue it.  I enjoy traveling and doing these things..$& $&So luckily, I can still manage it..$& $& $& $&See you around..$&
17 กรกฎาคม 2008
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