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what life is all about? the most precious gift frm God, but at the same time we r being test with hardship, happiness etc. 
At times, we r not strong to tackle all the problems and hardship and during that moment how i wish that in this life we would not feel sad, misery and all those unhapiness feeling, but again when i come to a sense that wont happened. I guess in this life we r the one who determined what kind of life that we wished for and make it happen..
anyone out there would like to share with me about your life story?? :)
Jul 17, 2008 2:22 AM
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Yes i got your Idea thanks
August 5, 2008

Good itlktiv.It's true.However,I think we should never say what did they take with them?"I mean the dead people coz this may cause someones depression if u understand me.
All what I want to say is we must begin the way we want to walk in without any fear of anything even death.We should prepare ourselves as it should be after.As u said we must enjoy the trip so we have to prepare for it well.
Thanks brother!

August 5, 2008
I agree 1000% , I'd like to share with  you what my friend told me :
we were walking down ,then He asked me to look at the graveyard and
he said : " do you see all this dead people ? "
i said : " yes "
he said :" All this people , no one between them finished his projects , rare those who reached their dreams , what they took with them ? nothing , but a flesh and blood ! so live you life moment by moment , appreciate all what you have and never complain . live is a journey not a destination , so take with you all what do you need for the trip and enjoy the trip  .
August 5, 2008
Hey .U r absolutely right.Life is precious and in my opinion,I say to u:we should appreciate the life we live and try to make it better and better. Life is short and in the same time it's full of good things we can do and succeed in it.We must use every single moment of it to do all what can improve our lives and we should  precise our goals to have something important to fight for. When we have nice dreams which we care so much about,we do the best to achieve them.that makes us fighting for them.So life would be precious for us.
August 4, 2008
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