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How's everyone doing ?  hello ! $&Im Rhianne..$& $&Right now, Im doing great because Im learning languages. I learn Korean, Chinese(Mandarin),Spanish and japanese... I am a student and  very much enjoying my work.  I love to travel too ^^$& $& $& $&See you :)$&
Jul 17, 2008 5:33 AM
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July 20, 2008
hi!i'm sai.
I have been trying to improve my oral English. To this end, I have done a lot of effort.
now i'm looking for some friends to exchange our ideas through the web,and chat with each other by some chat tools.i'm glad to talk with you and get some information about your country culture.That amazes i come here not only to improve my speaking english,but express my ideasto my lovely friends.
Thank you for support.(:
July 18, 2008
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Chinese (Mandarin), English, Filipino (Tagalog), Japanese, Korean, Spanish
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Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Korean, Spanish