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How do you go out from the depression and sadness?

Life is made up of various taste, maybe we could meet some trouble as follow:

1.     bomb your history test;

2.     quarrel with friends;

3.     to part with your M’r right and so on.

Jul 17, 2008 5:54 AM
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So nice answers:)I consult my mother or my best friends about the situation.They set my mind at rest.Or I listen my relaxing musics.And I try to remember that if bad things don't happen,I can't be experienced in life.So one day I can be much more upset than now.I try to overcome the situation with my all effort.
August 5, 2008
I'll go to Hospital , to see what lucky i am .
and i'll try to look at the bright side , what do i gain from this  ? does this problem effect my life after 5 years ?
And i'll focus on solutions instead of problems , i'll give you the tip of F-1 Racers :
All the drivers ( pilotes ) in F-1 are taught how to focus on the way to save them selves from the crash instead of fearing the Crash .
I'll give u an example: We all have heard about someone who was alone in a desert highway and then he lost control and crashed on the only tree in the Area . why  he didn't missed it ?
the answer is , he was focusing on the problem instead of the solution , focusing on the fear of crashing instead of focusing on how he'd save himself .
August 5, 2008

We must start over every time we face a complicate trouble.We have to solve them by thinking well not by crying and keep on remembering our sad memories.It's not the best idea for saddness.The best solution for me is to change all what we used to do and change the way we used to behave too.We must be strong and try the best we can to forget the proplems and saddness we feel. Yeah it's hard and takes a long time but we should never give-up and let saddness kill us.Life doesn't  stop infront saddness.That's why,we should follow it and live it.

August 4, 2008
i walk in streets seeing people around me
thinking that every one has his own problems but life go on
thinking in causes of this sadness or depression try to solve it
talk with friends,but i donot like share others in my sadness,i like to share them in my good times only
July 19, 2008
I agree with Wise-Dumbo. I think you are really lucky person if you have somebody who can support and make you smile in sad moments in your life. That person is like a diamond, who's friendship you should save and protect. 
July 18, 2008
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