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Thanks Allah
palestinian issue what do u think about palestine and siege
can u imagine how your lie will be if u live in gaza-strip ??
what can u do for palestinain pepole ?
at least make invocation for them
pray for peace********
Jul 19, 2008 8:37 AM
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Hey Harregarre!U know?All what u said about Muslims,allah , palestine and so on make me wondering :whoa do you  have against all that? I want an answer if u want!
Any way,I just want to say,it'll come the day when Palestine will win,you'll see that!I'm so sure.Besides,I want to tell u that this area of palestin is its area from the old old old times.So it has the right to complain.And those who u talked about aren't "terrorists" as u said. Terrorism is deeper than that and has another explanation and meaning.I hope u understand me.
July 30, 2008
This subject is really hard. U know? Palestine is in the heart always and we always think about but we wish that we can do something for it.Something more than praying for it. Any way,we always pray and invocate for it and it's people. In fact,I never could imagine myself living in Gaza because when I see them,I know how much they suffer,how much they r hurt. I just beg Allah to help them and give them patience and power to survive and fight the bad enemy.They r inoncient people.Let's we don't talk about children who break your heart every time u see them. It's really a bad crime. I can't handle it at all. Allah help you there my brothers and sisters.Allah give u the necessary power and effort to stay strong in front them.
July 30, 2008

They are very touch and courage as they are promoter of ther rights.I realy love palestinian  

July 24, 2008
It won't happen Morsy as long as there are people who believe that they are superior, even when there is nothing that supports it. For example, recently I read an article about some butcher who found a peace of meat with "Allah" on it. Immediately muslim scholars started shouting that it's a sign of Allah and that their faith is the only right faith. The same happens here when something in the shape of the face of Jesus is found. They base their superiority on superstition and coincidence. If they don't learn to stop that, then there will be no future for the human race. It actually reminds of the time when whites thought they were superior just because they were white. Only when people stop basing things on long forgotten or non-existing stories we will have peace. But you know, even though humans are supposed to be intelligent, I don't think we're intelligent enough for that, so we'll just end up nuking eachother.
July 23, 2008
I believe the best way to know how a nation/country feels is to live under the exact same circumstances endured by this nation/country.  I would like to say again how sorry I am to see sad people (all nations, races, countries) in the 21st century.  Freedom of speach and existence is the right of every nation that wants to live in peace and dignity.  War is not the solution.  I hope the major leaders in the world would put an end to all conflicts and help smaller nations co-exist in peace.  I may be dreaming... However, some dreams do come true.  We just have to be positive.
July 23, 2008
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Thanks Allah
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