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What is the best(easiest) process to study Japanese?  
Jul 19, 2008 11:38 AM
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following idea :

Thus, in Japanese culture and especially in language many ideas is hidden and more considering feelings... That is for me very hard to understand...

Second thing very hard to learn is Kanji... Some characters are very complicated to write, many are very similar and when i want to see PC or newspaper, i can't see Kanji well.
July 19, 2008
Hello...oups gomen nasai, Konnichi ha,

At first, i would say the more difficult thing in Japanese language is hidden ideas... I explain : I'm french and usually in France, many persons say what they think but japanese ones aren't... I found that with my wife who is japanese... We talk in french together and at the beginning of our relationship, she could not say anything of what she thought... Difficult to me to understand what she meant... So she learnt to express he ides, her feelings to me, to our children, to repaet his ideas to everyone especially if other listener is not sure to have understood... The relationship is clearer, simpler now.. She feels happier with that...
July 19, 2008
ops, I don't understand how to use this.

I'm Japanese, therefore didn't have much dificulty to learn the language.
But when it comes to teach my own language, things are quite different .

So, I'd like to know what is difficult of learning Japanese.
Some say the conjugation, some others listening, some everything.

I personally think grammer and pronunciation is easy, but conjugation and listening is dificult because spoken Japanese is too flexible.  

How do you think? 
July 19, 2008
July 19, 2008
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