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We let the whole world to find work of Bill Gates We let the whole world to find work of Bill Gates
Changing the exist world, creating a new period of human
Avalanche of the natural world is not formed on one day, but cumulative result. Once the
enormous energy stored enough, then a small incentive can make outside world a drastic change.
   The United Nations was found on 26  of Jun.1945 that main idea is promoting world peace and
development. Despite many difficulties it has been established towards a better goal.
     It has not been stopped the war, experienced a sharp sword and modern weapons, since a
human was on the earth. They fight for different benefits, different faith and different political, that
makes the animals to be surprised to the human world wars.?
     War is aimed to the eradication of war. Human now has the ability of ruining the human and
the earth through by two world wars. How to do then? Continue to fight? The World War will never
happen again with the rise of world peace strength, only in the local conflict. The world is into a
stalemate. Different countries have different political views, profits, ideology, human rights, and
development that are difficult to coordinate. There are many different systems and thinking of the
collision on an international conference every time. They want to convince each other, but no one
can. So that the leaders and politicians feel headache to have an international conference, if there is
no longer to consider system, religion, conflict, borders, human rights etc., to discuss various areas
of development instead of it on the conference, then the leaders must be very pleased, because
they will not glare at each other any more.
Jul 19, 2008 12:21 PM
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July 19, 2008
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