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What is the most annoying thing in boys/men ? describe the behavior that u don't like in boys/men
of course men r allowed to comment too
Jul 20, 2008 10:16 AM
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Well I hate first pompous men and I don't like who don't appreciate work and don't take care of their duries.
I Men in fact have many bad things and every one have his special ones. But of course they have good sides too.
July 30, 2008
i think that your Q the next time should be,
what is the most annoying thing in girls|women?
July 23, 2008
man is like apeace of ice,think,love,live, account every thing with his small mind(i wonder why he believe in his mind?)
there is no place for emotions,feelings in his life
July 23, 2008
Thanks for clarifying Kamikami.  Quite frankly I think it all boils down to how well men and women handle their days' sweet and/or sour fruits.  As they say in French: c'est la vie or such is life.  However, things are not bad.  With love, caring, and understanding men and women can make the most out of their life experiences.
July 23, 2008

OK, I was going to buy sauce.......

Anyway, I'm here..... Learning......

When I practise push-ups latter, I'll come to read the update ~~ :P


July 23, 2008
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