Misunderstood Ok, I guess  I was not

I know the rules about verb to be, future etc, but I was talking about specific verbs that you have to use a specific construction.

People are use to wearing skirts.
RULE: We have to put ING after use to.

You must stop talking to her.
RULE: We have to put ING form in the verb after STOP.

As the second example, I want to know after what kind of verb we have to put ING, beyond STOP, LOVE, START.

20 jul 2008 20:50
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Aê, Leon!!!!

Obrigadinha, você sanou a minha dúvida!

23 september 2008


23 september 2008
o mesmo pra start:
Start talking, comece a falar

no caso de Love, fica a seu critério usar o ing ou o to:
11 september 2008
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