what is easiest way to study Indonesian language??? What is the easiest way to study Indonesian language???
Jul 21, 2008 5:10 AM
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1st listen indonesian songs......watching indonesian movies.......reading indonesian articles....those things can improve ur indo  vocabs.....then after, u'll get easier to learn bahasa indonesian moreee......
December 14, 2008

don't give too much focus on how the word changes from "ajar" to "mengajar", "belajar", "diajari", etc. Just use the words often, like this:
Tina mengajar Tuti (Tina teaches Tuti)
Tina mengajari Tuti (Tina teaches Tuti (more intensive))
Tuti diajar Tina (Tuti is taught by Tina)
Tuti diajari Tina (Tuti is taught by Tina (intensively))
Ajaran agama (religion teaching)
Ajari aku (teach me)
Tina belajar (Tina studies)
Tina sedang belajar (Tina is studying)
Tina mengajar bahasa Inggris (Tina teaches English)
Tina mengajarkan bahasa Inggris (Tina teaches English)
Pelajaran (lesson)
and so on...
I hope it can help..

June 28, 2012

Depends on the person. However, I see many people have difficulty to learn about Indonesian suffix, prefix, or kind of. My suggestion, don't really too much focus on the changes of the suffix, prefix, affix, and so on. Just use the words in sentences often. For example, we know the basic word is "ajar". Now, if we want to use it in a sentence, whether is it meajar / menajar/mengajar/melajar? (The correct one is "mengajar"). Is it "berajar or belajar"? (The correct one is belajar). That's really difficult. So, don't give too much focus on how the word changes from "ajar" to "mengajar", "belajar", "diajari", etc.

June 28, 2012
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