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Hello! Everyone,please help me! Hello!I like English very much.But I learn it doesn't very well.I want to improve my English,please help me!Thanks!
Jul 25, 2008 8:58 AM
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Hello,i think ur problems is our problems.There aren't no one perfect,and if u want to meet with success there is only oneway that is keep moving forward because we usually say: "nothing is possible for willing heart".Don't worry and good luck with ur studying!!! ♥ ^.^ ♥
July 28, 2008
keep moving,don't give up~~we are all trying~~hahh~
July 28, 2008
also i wanna speak English to sb
July 28, 2008
the same trouble also puzzles  me
July 28, 2008
The ways to learn  a  language is like a recipe , it could be the same but the taste of the food is different .
Every one has his own way do and  you have plenty of ways to proceed , So Do it !
wish u good luck

P.S : u should learn how to cook before learning english
July 27, 2008
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