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Rahman Abbas
What is Terrorism????????????????/ Our Planet has been infected by foreign policies of many nations to create unrest in  the world in the name of religion, race, sect, geography, culture, politics energy, security, territory and many other things behind which always are many hidden intentions. In simple words to capture resources of less powerful nations. But this policy is dividing mankind and uncountable human souls have been brutely killed in many parts of our sweet planet. Dear friends come to reduce hatred,create awareness and spread peace. To reach there we have to understand what is the Evil...............Evil terrorism in true sense???
Jul 25, 2008 3:14 PM
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I agree you man , but i don't in some statements :  ". We should stop listening to imams, priests, presidents, generals etc. Their power comes from war and hatred."  we listen to who ? to MADONNA ? this is life dude  , accept it like this , there is always light and darkness , good and evil ,..
"Which is taken by force cannot be returned only by force " 45th rule of life .
"Bombing for peace is like raping for virginity " 46th rule .

August 2, 2008
The only way terrorism can be stopped if people stop trying to take what belongs to others. And people shouldn't look back at history all the time when it comes to this. Mistakes have been made but if we keep holding on to history we will never have peace. The palestinian-israeli problem for example. Is it helping anyone if they keep fighting eachother? The same goes for many other conflicts. Taiwan, Tibet, Kashmere, Sudan, Zimbabwe etc. etc. We need to stop thinking in terms of "historically we are the rightful owners of this and that place". It's useless. Palestinians will claim you have to look back at the pre-UK era and jews will claim you have to look at the pre-roman period. It doesn't work out this way. 

The dumb thing is that probably 95% wants a peaceful quiet life, but we let a few warmongers lead us into battle. We should stop listening to imams, priests, presidents, generals etc. Their power comes from war and hatred.
July 29, 2008
it's a nic subject Rahman,
here i will ask?
-when isreal use F16, kill palestien since 1948 we don't speak about terrorism, now we look
some answers  we speak about palestinian terrorism
-US kill evry day iraqi's women men and childs........when some one try Resist colonization....wewe speak about iraqi terrorism
many example
soryy world now want only this answer( "What is Terrorism"=islam)
July 26, 2008

Mody its simple, but we have to think more............what is terrorism? since when we come across this word? Why?

July 26, 2008

ما فهمت السؤال 


July 25, 2008
Rahman Abbas
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