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Answer " Want to Learn Franch BY Tariq " ( Hi , it's not allowed to send more than 1000 caracters to answer a topic , so i want to answer TARIQ on a new topic )

Al salam Alaykom brother Tariq , you are welcome ,
yep, it is a good idea to learn a foreign language especially a widespread language like french .
well i'll tell ya some benifits :
1- There is more than 100 million native (Francophonie organization:2005) ,250 million second language (worldwide including Africa and North Africa) = 350 million total and more than 500 million total with significant knowledge of the language . So you will open a new window in your Life house  .

2 - You'll  have the ability to read and enjoy the romantic language -french of course - , and u'll get the acces to a beautiful Artistic and litterature works , .....
3 - It helps you to be open minded and more cultivated , and have a better understanding to others culture .
4-  french has a bright History in the field of medeine and surgery ( if u are a Medecine student )
5- u'll be more motivated to visit the most visited monument in the world " Eiffel Tower "
I cannot count how many benefits , but believe me U'll enjoy too many things .
Finally , this is just my vision !
I hope u get the message ,
GOD Helps you ,

P.S : French is little harder than english but u'll enjoy learning it .
Jul 26, 2008 9:25 AM
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