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Rahman Abbas
What is a good solution of Terrorism??????? What in Ur opinon can solve the problem of increasing intolerance???
2008年7月27日 09:56
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First , i said that islamic terrorists aren't muslim because they aren't applying islam ! if you are an evil doctor does that mean that medecine is BAD ?
you said  :" they kill my friends and family in the name of Allah" THEY DO or DID ??? did u really mean it ?
DUDE my friend is dead ,because he stood on a Bomb ,and a bomb explosed 80 m from my own home , we lived a bloody decade not only a DAY !! we slept on bullets rhyme , man u have never lived terrorism, all what you do is to watchin'  TV !terrorists
man ,we are fightin' terrorism until the moment when i'm writing this lines , and if you have any doubt , search for TERRORISM IN ALGERIA , and believe me u will see enough !
Dear Harregarre, italki, And Tunisian......... u people are in a good dialogue. I like it. that is an objective to reach towards better understanding. I know it is a complex topic and u people better know that nothing has remained uncomplexed after 9/11. On terrorism opinions will certainly be diversed. NO surprise. I hope this will clear up at least the levels on which we can disagree. That will help to nurture PEACE.
See, and that's where you go wrong. First you say that muslim terrorists aren't really muslims. I think they are muslims, why? Because they say they are muslims and they say they kill my friends and family in the name of Allah.

So, basically you say that muslim terrorists are not muslims. But then you also have to say that jewish terrorists are not jews. And christian terrorists are not christians. And atheist terrorists are not atheist. Do you see where this is going? Nowhere. If a muslim says he kills people in the name of Allah, you should step up, because you represent someone who doesn't kill in the name of Allah. Step up and say to him that he is an idiot. If you don't step up as a muslim, you're basically agreeing with what he does and therefore you are a terrorist as well. Every muslim who doesn't say that muslim terrorists are evil, are terrorists themselves and should be killed.
and i want to end this by a historical event , it's the explains how exactly this world is :

A pirate was captured and brought before Alexander the Great.
Alexander asked the pirate:
"How dare you molest the people?"
The pirate replied: "And how dare you molest the entire world? I am called a thief because I do it with a little ship only. You do it with a great navy and you are called an Emperor!"

I hope you get it !
Man u are right in the issue that TERRORISM HAS NO RELIGION !
There are always idiots from each side , but the question is the % of terrorists in this or in the other country or religion or belief , sionists are the group of  jews terrorists . muslim  terrorists( they aren't muslim at all ) killed more than 50.000 persons or more just in my country Algeria , chrestians have also terrorists like bush , and like they did in andalousia( they killed thousands of muslims and chrestians )................,and go on .
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