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Rain (雨)
Let's give a party on Msn ,share we? (^-^)Hi ! Let's talk each other in English! As we all know,the more practice ,the better your English will be. So we group should give some activities to make more chances for each member to practice English,such as a party on MSN .We can make conversation and talk freely by MIC there. Isn't it a good idea? (Haha....It must be very interesting!)Hope we group members meet together soon! :)If you have some other good suggestions ,please share and let's have a discussion! :)
Mar 27, 2008 5:08 PM
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hi I'm new come . why don't we use ivsit. we can chat together by microphone.
April 15, 2008
Hello.. MSN? What a good idea.. so when it will be start.. i can't wait to improve my English!~
April 12, 2008
hi, Rain, it is a good idea to have a party on MSN with party members, I support you, you can be sure the time so we can do it as quickly as possible! I am ready for that? How about travelling as a topic, I love it and just went to Hengdian city in Zhejiang Province last week, I have many beautiful photos.
April 7, 2008
hi rain you have a great idea,I agree with you
April 7, 2008
hi regards for u! im new here, n i think your idea is so great so i hope the "party" coming soon,...or maybe we can talk sometimes at yahoo (cos i dont have msn)???
April 2, 2008
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Rain (雨)
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