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Guys, it's a question for you...

Sometimes you,guys, make an impression that you do like only one thing: have a lot of fun and hang out with as many girls as you can.
                                      So can you tell me one thing... 
Can you, guys, love, be sincere and open and say what you really think or you'd better  lie, say something that is not in your mind, cheer, hang out with other girls and stuff like that, ha!??

Jul 28, 2008 4:58 PM
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Nop ,dude i didn't Generalize , maybe i emphasized on the BadBoys More which made it seemslike generalization . Or because of my poor english !!
August 17, 2008
No, sorry itlktiv, you're wrong about that. You're making some bogus statements about the behavior of men and women here. I wonder how you want to back those statements up. Sure there are men who "use" women, but there are women who "use" men as well. And this definitely doesn't apply to all men, so I wonder why you generalize it in such a manner. Also, I think it's funny considering your earlier statements about generalization. I was wrong to generalize in multiple sections, but now suddenly you can divide the world into two sides? Top class generalization. A+ for you.
August 17, 2008
Well , what i talk about is Man/Woman without considering Cultural differences , in maths we say : " Absolute value " and in IT ( The Operation System Doesn't matter , but the Hardware )
August 17, 2008
Besides, I might add that itlktiv is speaking for himself. At least I can't find myself in his words, but then again perhaps it's a difference between the Middle-East and the West?
August 17, 2008

August 17, 2008
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