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vital xavier
What image do you have from Brazil? Hi, people, my name is vital,  I'm  from Maceió/Alagoas/Brasil, but  i migrated to São Paulo in november, 2005 to study IT. 
The point of view from you  it's very important to me because i can appraise of objective way  the minds of yours!
This experience was a little hard in the beginning because the southeast  has a diferent accent with other vocabulary as well as other culture,  cause  there is a huge influence italian and spanish  in this region., today i can speak a neuter portuguese  as a journalist, now nobody gets to know  what region i was born!  

Let's talk about  your seems and  funny situations! About your culture, country,  ritual religion, life, globalization...
Jul 29, 2008 1:00 PM
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 well... let me think ! the image which i hav from Brazil: Coffee, football, potuguese language, it's flag, indigenous people in there, the largest cities : Sao paolo, rio de janeiro, Salvador ... (thts what i know) ..i heard Brazilia too ! 
& when someone say Brazil i remember one of my history exams i didn't memorized well & all the Q was about Brazil so i got almost the worst mark in the class !! 3 or 4 years ago ! :-p
September 10, 2008
hey,football of course and the samba.haha
September 7, 2008
i only know the coffee beans of brazil very famous.
September 4, 2008

this is so funny. =)

I'm brazillian xD And i cant play soccer even if i try, and i usually try. I cant dance samba neither. And yes, our country is very beautiful. I love to live here.

September 3, 2008
recompense it will be gratifying and in IT the convergence is constant: nothing will be equal  the yesterday,  i  like it . I digest a little of java and vb but my time is short to dedicate more  in the future i predend to study  hard this langage, actually i´m decidating more at network it's my  focus at present!
yes, i'd like very much to do a trip in the arab world a day when i can pay the passage or to go at job!
thanks for the information!

you're a really cool dude.

bey, bey
August 5, 2008
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vital xavier
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