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Ebu Huzeyfe
On Qoran Qoran tells us that cave people (who slept three centuries) slept in the cave 300 years and added 9 years more.

At the beginning someone may think that "why (added 9 years)"?

Many Muslim scholars tried to find out what it means but finally they found it. It is because; it is 300 years by solar calendar and 309 years by lunar calendar.

Let us not try to find out a way to have doubts on Qoran but try to understand it better!
Jul 29, 2008 1:37 PM
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Thanks for you both. 

It is strange that if a Muslim claims that he doesn't believe in the Bible or the Old tastement, he will become nonmuslim (maazallah). So, we the Muslims are very careful not to talk against those holy books while we know they are not pure. 

But Christians and Jews don't respect in the same way. They supposed to be like Muslims. On the contrary, they hate Muslims. We see everyday what they do in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somal. The real peacemakers are Muslims. Our religion Islam even means peace!

Of course, not all the christians and Jews as we mentioned above. You can find many among them very justice and kind. Even in Quran some verses praise some Christians.

Let us not be prejudiced! That is enough!
July 30, 2008

Alsalam alaykoum wa rahmatoullahitaala wa barakatouhou.
I want to say thank u brother.U r right in what u said. 
And I also think that we should never be comfused about what is in Quoran 

everything in it is true and has sense.That's why,we just should try to understand
it and never think that it's wrong or incomplete.Allah has the specific explanations 
and we just have to think about what's written in it and try the best we can to know 
the meaning of everything we need. Wa baraka allahou fika.
fi aman allah.

July 30, 2008
Baraqa allahou fik brother , we should look better to our quran and try to exctract more and more wisdom and knowlege .
July 29, 2008
Ebu Huzeyfe
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