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Who is God for you? I don't believe in God, but I feel a lot of curiosity (and respect, of course), for the people who believe. And for this curiosity, I wanna ask to you: why do you believe in God?, Who is God for you?
Jul 29, 2008 1:40 PM
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God and everything for me, my air, my food, my life and it are present in my day the day.
October 17, 2008
I beleive blindly  in god as well as i'm absolutely sure he not exists. I know that someone could not agree with that.  it's a matter of faith.

I can't join to the group and i can't open a new topic. does anyone konws why? I'm nervous...
October 16, 2008
My Great Father...My Friend...i'm alive for him...i live with his power...he created me...I feel God in all the things that he created...The sea, a flower, the animals, God is in each cell of my body...and he is careful with me...I feel grateful for each morning when i wake up, and see the wonderful sun in the sky...because i know that God gave me one more day to live...God... the perfect power of criation!
October 10, 2008
thanks to everyone for this exercise of "common sense and diplomacy"

August 2, 2008
Oh my God, you guys really are idiots. Go USA! Bomb them!
August 1, 2008
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