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what is the definition of friend? Hi everybody who can called as a truly friend?
Jul 29, 2008 2:14 PM
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Hey. In my opinion,friendship has a deep meaning. A friend is someone who cares about you and wishes the best for you always. In fact,my real definition of a friend is:
 A friend is someone who knows everything about you and loves you just the same.
He is one of the nicest thing you can have and one of the best things you can be.He's the one who we always find near us when we need anything.He's the nice angel who makes us happy every time we feel sad and saves us when we face any problem. He's always beside us.This pushes us to move on on our lives without the terrible fear of loneliness. He change the darkness to a strong light which allows us to see everything was missing and open many doors in front us ti improve our simple life to an amazing one.So god bless real friends and keep them safe for ever.
July 30, 2008
for me real friend is the one who will be with u whenever u need him/her; the one who support u; understand u and respect ur privacy
July 29, 2008
Your friends is the one who tells you the truth , not the one who believes you . The real friend is your mirror it never lies to you , and he is the one who accepts you as you are , and never lets you down .
July 29, 2008
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