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Why muslims are so weak ? The question is : We are more than 1 billion people around the world , but we are the weakest ! why ?
Jul 29, 2008 3:03 PM
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 "Hahahahahahaha! Losers! Pathetic little losers. And again you show your true intent. We will gather all our troops and invade your country to kill you!" 

oh my god )) what a fool ))

he was writing something about Hittler... 
damn fool ... what does he know about Hittler? :/

his damn country along with all the Europe surrendered to Hittler by the way...
And it was the Soviet Union that destroyed the Nazis (at the cost of 28 000 000ppl)

the great warrior ahhahahahaha!

concerning the Muslims... that is an interesting topic indeed!
you ask why the Muslims are weak. well, they are not ^__^
May 25, 2010

Do you follow this topic?

May 24, 2010
If we are to compare Muslims with others, we can see just Guantanamo and Western countries' reaction against it. Do they react? NO! Why? Because, they don't mean by peace a real peace or by democracy the real democracy. Whatever against Muslims, they support it. But sometimes by silence as in Guantanamo case, Iraqi war, Afghanistan and Somali invassion. Palistine genocide...

Guantanamo is enough shame for them!!!

Of course, we mean murderers or who carry murderer soul as the person above!
August 5, 2008
"Why do you think there are 20+ countries fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why do you think everyone supports Israel? Enjoy your last years on planet earth."

THANKS GOD !!! you reveiled your real intentions little harre , You admit that the war is against Islam , neither for Freedom  nor for Oil !!!
August 5, 2008
HARREGARRE IS CHEATER  !!! you created a new profil named ATHEISMRULES to hide you'r real intentions hypocrite , how did i know ? i knew it because this group was created just after your posts and it's linked to the groups you used to visit and more u deleted my posts and u always rank yourself as best post !! you arent even coward , you are less than a pitiful narrow-minded who believe that Darwin is a god who doesn't Err  .
why you deleted my answers from you topics ?are you afraid from truth ? why  you rated your answers as the best ones  , you don't let others express themselves and u pretend to be free thinker SnowFlake , you don't read others posts , you only do Copy/Paste from your lords writes.  do you think that all people are unfair like you ? HAHAH nop fortunatly .
August 5, 2008
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