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homework Our oral English teacher asked us to finish some homework. 0ne of which is to ask some English native speakers 10questions and write down the answers. Would you please help me? 1 What do you always do in your free time? 2 What's your favourate book? 3 Who do you admire most? 4 Which kind of music do you like best? 5 Where do you want to go? 6 Which kind of job will you choose in the future? 7 Would you tell me something about your personality? 8 Which kind of food do you like best? 9 Which language else would you like to learn? 10 How to improve your oral English?
May 5, 2008 9:22 AM
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1. i love to spend my free time in reading. 2. BIBLE is my favorite book. i got a lot of information from the contents of this book. 3. JESUS, he lives a life in accordance to the will of GOD. 4. i'd love to listen sweet and mellow music. 5. the best place for me is HEAVEN the final place for those who wanted to be in the presence of the almighty. 6. i want to be a teacher, to impart the knowledge that God bestowed upon me. 7. i am a person who do the task before the deadline. i hate to waste time because for me TIME is GOLD. once it pass we can't return it back. so better to do what we can do now because tomorrow might be too late for us to do what we need to do today. 8. i love Filipino dishes. 9. i like to learn Italian and Spanish. 10. patience and doing a lot of efforts is necessary to improve one self in oral speaking. read a lot and practice what you read. be strict to yourself, believe that you can do it in the God's grace. nothing is impossible. more practice... it will make you improve your oral speaking perfectly. don't be shy, ignore those people around you. Just do it. i did all this things. i'm glad i enhance my skills a lot.
May 12, 2008
1. i'll do cycling in my free time 2. my favorite books are ayat-ayat cinta and laskar pelangi that these books are the most phenomenon novel in Indonesia 3. prophet Muhammad 4.i'm really like pop music 5. i wanna go to uk and japan 6. i'll choose Public Relations as my job in the future 7. my personality are kindness, family lover, little bit ambitious 8. i love javanese food 9. i like arabic and english language 10. talking, writing, and reading in english
May 8, 2008
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