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I'm doing some research into how Asian Culture has affected or influenced Western Media

 I'm doing some research into how Asian Culture has affected or influenced Western Media. Besides film remakes, has anyone got resources, links or knowledge in this field? In particular Comics, Film and T.V. etc.

Jul 30, 2008 8:49 AM
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television and movies share enormous powers of influence over the viewers and should try to take a more responsible role in how it influences culture.  people really are unaware of and do not understand the pyschosocial impact the media has over their lives.  we too are to blame for buying into all that b.s.  i think it's time for culture to reclaim itself in the media. but in order for that to happen, people must first wake up and realize how they are being lied to and duped by the media. 
September 8, 2008
regrettably,  the influence of asian culture has been very minimal at best in western media. most significantly it  (east asian culture ) has been seen only in hollywood martial arts and action flicks.  moreover, asians are typcially stereotyped and portrayed in a very negative, mocking and unrealistic manner. only asian females have been able to gain some positive recognition in western media but usually at the cost of losing their cultural identity and being forced to adopt western values and attitudes.  the media has always proved to be irresponsible in representing certain peoples with accuracy and fairness. 
September 8, 2008

On TV every day there are anime shows Americans watch. Also, Americans (I don't know about other Western countries, I'm American...) often say "Sayonara" (incorrectly, but we attempt, nonetheless), which is the Japanese word for goodbye. Asian languages like Korean and Chinese are becoming more popular in American schools. Hmm...What else?

Ahh, yes...If you were to go to an American book store, there's always a section for anime. Comic books that aren't traditionally American (Superman, Batman, aren't they American...?) have become more popular...Inuyasha, Bleach, or Death Note, for instance, come on TV and are comics...Ranma 1/2, Tokyo Mew Mew...You name the anime, you can probably find it somewhere in an American shop.

Finally, we have restaraunts all around the country that are Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Indian... Foods from Asia can be found in grocery stores, too. Hope that helps ^^
September 6, 2008
i just heard a DJ played 上海滩   pity that he didn't finish
August 30, 2008
I'm curious about this, and want to help, but first I need to know more information about what you are researching. What aspects of asian culture are you considering may have affected western media? 
August 20, 2008
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