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No offense please to anyone, but is it true that some Asian cultures eat dogs?  
Jul 30, 2008 8:53 AM
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in india, not only cows are consider sacred. But also rats,snakes ,monkeys, elephants and others..
October 22, 2008

eating dogs,cats may be some culture and its probably accepted in some countries.

But there are also other eating habits too.

For many of these big well known restaurants serve all of kinds of animal meat for luxury.
They pay at very high prices for all kinds of exotics animals. (especially endanger animals)
the more exotic they are, the more money they pay. 
For others, it is illegal to sell or serve these meat as delicacy.

for some poverty country they do not have a choice to choose their food because they struggle to survive.

the question is do we eat to live or live to eat?

October 22, 2008
i would go as far as to say at least some people in every country must have eaten all kinds of animals at one point in time (and anyone who disagrees with that comment is just plain ignorant)...   including rats and insects.  besides, people should try not to judge others by their differences in culture or way of living.  live and let live! 
September 8, 2008
Yes, It's true. But there is no dog meat sold in supermarket. We usually eat dog meat in some resturant in some province in china. Dogmeat is not a common meat for eating in China.
August 19, 2008

Dog meat is regarded as a masculine dish in Korea, I don't know how many people eat it because many people detest people eat it. Anyway, whenever eating dogs is made an issue I come to think it's convenient to side with the public whatever. As you know there are absolutely more people who love dogs than those love pigs, it would be why they blame the people, thinking nothing of saying "I eat pigs."

August 13, 2008
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