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Hey french learners ! Downlaod Free orthography Video lectures !!! Cours d'orthographe Gratuits En video English version:
Hi every body ,what you to boost your orthography ?  you don't know the difference between "à" ou "a" , "ais" ou "ai" ? "auquel", "auxquels" ou "auxquelles"  ?"ç" ou "c" , "c'en", "s'en" ou "sans""c'est" ou "s'est" ? "du", "dû", "dûs", "dus", "due", et "dues" ? "dès" ou "des" ? "nôtre(s)", "notre", "vôtre(s)" ou "votre" ? ..... and more !? Take a look on this link :,20,0,0.aspx
And good luck !
french version :
Salut tout le monde , voulez-vous ameliorer votre orthographe ? vous ne savez pas la difference entre : "à" ou "a" , "ais" ou "ai" ? "auquel", "auxquels" ou "auxquelles"  ?"ç" ou "c" , "c'en", "s'en" ou "sans""c'est" ou "s'est" ? "du", "dû", "dûs", "dus", "due", et "dues" ? "dès" ou "des" ? "nôtre(s)", "notre", "vôtre(s)" ou "votre" ? .... et plus encore !? Alors jeter un coup d'oeil sur ce lien :,20,0,0.aspx
Bonne chance !
31 Tem 2008 14:18
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oui , il y a plus de 40 videos , alors je crois pas qu'un debutant connais dejà toutes ces astuces !
1 Ağustos 2008
Oh i changed my mind, there are quite a few good ones for French learners - good review of tous/tout/toutes and l'accord, also a good review of l'accord du particpe passé.
31 Temmuz 2008
That's a good collection of videos, however, it's mostly for French people. All the errors he's talking about are the result of French speakers confusing words that sound similar. People learning French don't usually make these kind of errors, because we learn the language by reading and writing, and are taught the rules from day 1!

I can't believe French people make mistakes with "à" and "a" though! C'est etonnant!

31 Temmuz 2008
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