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Why the religion is a topic as complicated to discuss?

i think that  argue heatedly about somethig is take yourself too seriously. I can undestand that for somepeople his religion is something serious, because his whole life revolves around them. But why the religion is a topic that move so many controversy?

Jul 31, 2008 9:22 PM
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let me tell u one thing Harregarre; i promise u that u won't dare to say one bad word, if u were in front of me
all ur reviling is just a sign for ur character; u r just a coward
August 4, 2008

You really are an idiot. What kind of education did you get? If there is anyone claiming to be the center of the universe then it's you religious bastards.

Besides, who says Nightmary wasn't offended by your statements? You guys are such hypocrites. If God exists he will punish you guys for that, that's for sure.
August 1, 2008
Noor_elhuda, you are only making it worse.

"do you know that we classified in black people more than white people"

So now you are racists like this:
Superior: Arabs
Inferior: Blacks
Super-inferior: Whites

Nice one noor_elhuda, you dirty racist!
August 1, 2008
hello every boydy,stop this debate,enogh
but i will coment in wrong informations
it is the first time to hear that arab feel that they were superior than black people
this is ajoke
do you know that occur in past in america only between black,white?
do you know that we classified in black people more than white people
or may you think that we are blonds,i tell you before dont talk about something you dont know
August 1, 2008
(But actually you want to say this: "express ur opinion but never talk about others when you are an atheist; it's really offending")
how do u do this? how did u discovere what was in my mind u weisel ?


why do u think no one offend NIGHTMARY -according to ur standards- ???
do u think we r all here because of u ??? again "Harre. the center of universe"
August 1, 2008
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